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Streams of Conciousness, vol. 2

Drew Bledsoe

If you haven’t yet read the Ron Borges article in the Boston Herald on Drew Bledsoe in retirement you should. It turns out that the fateful Mo Lewis hit wasn’t the worst thing in the world for Drew. I file this one in the “everything happens for a reason” category. A mind blowing stat from this article…78%of pro football players are broke or in deep financial crisis within three years after retirement.

While Charlie Villenueva was wrong to bring the on-court trash talk to Twitter, the Celtics and Garnetts handling of the matter has made them look even worse. Can anyone really picture Garnett running down the court saying “you’re cancerous to your team and to the rest of the league”. And then Garnett, unable to let it die, call’s Villenueva a “nobody” in an interview after the Bull’s game Friday night.

Something happened over the past few years where the NBA now passes the “would you sit down and watch a game on TV without your local team in it” test. It’s too bad that the players salaries are out of control (rumored that 25-27 of 30 teams lost money last year) and there is a high probability of a work stoppage after this season.

Per last nights updated BCS standings, if Oregon and Auburn happen to lose between now and the end of the year there is a good chance it will be TCU and Boise State in the BCS National Championship. I am now cheering for this matchup as it is a disaster outcome for anyone with a financial interest in the BCS. If this doesn’t force a serious playoff discussion, I don’t think it ever happens.

TV shows are always a topic of conversation when out with friends and I am always left out because I don’t watch any shows. And then I remember that there is reason for this…there is a competitive Boston sports team playing on TV practically every single night.

The Sox had a tough choice with Ortiz but at least they had a choice, and at least one of the options was a one year deal. The Yankees really have no choice but to re-sign Jeter to a multi-year deal. Jeter, who turns 37 in June of ’11, is coming off his worst statistical season in which he made $22.6m.

Speaking of tough choices, the Bruins have a really tough one coming up with the impending returns of Marc Savard and Marco Sturm off long term injured reserve. The salary cap exception has the B’s $7m over the cap and  they need to clean this up before these guys can rejoin the team. Ryder and Wheeler are probably at the top of the short list but there is no easy option.

I am all for the NFL locking down on illegal hits, but fining Myron Pryor last week for his hit on Brett Favre is absolutely ridiculous (video here). There is nothing remotely close to illegal about this hit. The only person doing anything wrong here is Favre for wearing a chinstrap 20 years past its time.