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The brains behind this operation

Welcome to my blog. Before the Internet and iPad took over the world The Boston Globe was a prominent newspaper in the Boston area. Page 4, fittingly the fourth page of  the sports section, was the box score page. I spent a disproportionate period of my childhood memorizing the stats and scores from Page 4 and developing a passion for all things sports. Today, my Page 4 blog is an opportunity for me to delve beyond the box scores and hash through what I think  are the most interesting topics across the Boston and national sports scenes, as well some other random one off ramblings about my other passions including my incredible wife and two girls, good beer, cool technology, interesting books and great food.

Stylistically some of my favorite influences are the great Peter Gammons, who along with Will McDonough and Peter May, made up the best Sunday sports section in the history of mankind. Also Bob Ryan, Dan Shaughnessy (especially his “emptying out the desk drawer” column”), The Sports Reporters, Michael Felger, and the unmatched Bill Simmons.

I hope you like what you find, and if not, I am always up for a good debate.


– Dave


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