Streams of Conciousness, vol. 1

Some random one off ramblings that come to come to mind throughout the day/week…
Game 4 of World Series lagged Sunday Night Football in ratings and then the Game 5 clincher lost out to Dancing With The Stars. Yeah I know they were both small market teams but if MLB doesn’t realize they have a major problem on their hands then the league is in worse shape than I thought.

If I am Theo Epstein I look down at my WWBD (What Would Belichick Do) wrist band and I decline the $12.5m option on David Ortiz for ‘11. I love Big Papi and all he has done for this organization but we should have bunched him in with the Mike Lowell Celebration last year. Theo has to make a decision by this Thursday. The only way they keep him is if they figure he will keep fans in seats for a “bridge” year in ‘11 and then off the books for ’12. The problem is Papi wants a multi-year deal and is already making noise about it.  

The 2012 MLB free agent class (Pujols, Fielder, Ad. Gonzalez, Yadier Molina, Jose Reyes, Grady Sizemore) is too good to panic on a Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford this year

The first cut at my Sox free agent wish list for this offseason:

  • Victor Martinez, DH/C – make him full time DH with occasional night behind the dish
  • Carlos Pena, 1B – my gut says don’t pay up for Beltre, bring cheaper Pena in to play first and move Youk back to 3rd
  • Derrek Lee, 1B – Plan B to Pena but only for 1 yr, righty compliment to Lars Anderson
  • A good middle reliever reliever to bridge between starters and Bard/Papelbon. A few to choose from; Scott Downs, Dan Wheeler, Matt Guerrier, JJ Putz, Jesse Crain.
  • Orlando Hudson, 2B – move Pedroia to SS, is there any way we can cut short the Marco Scutaro era? And the Mike Cameron Era while we’re at it.
  • Ramon Hernandez, C – splits w/Salty and VMart (when no DH’ing)
  • Reed Johnson, OF – we need guys like this on our team again

You can fault Theo for signing Cameron and Scutaro, and JD Drew for that matter, but at least all three of them come off the books after this season to allow the Sox to be players in the 2012 bidding.

How is it that Edgar Rentaria can be so clutch in the playoff spotlight for small market teams (apparently with a torn bicep no less)  but play so poorly in the regular season in a large market…the pressure levels can’t be that much different, can they?

It is still early but how great would it be to see Patriots East playing Patriots-Midwest in the AFC Championship Game? Second to the Pats it is easy to root for Scott Pioli, Matt Cassel, Mike Vrabel, Charlie Weissl and Romeo Crannel.

Who fares better in their 9 week free agent showcase, Randy Moss in Tennessee or Shawn Merriman in Buffalo.? Both are playing for new contracts in ’11. Btw, hard to believe Merriman is only 26 years old.

Every time I see a new headshot of TB12 all I can think of is QB Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass from Remember the Titans. Regardless of how he looks I love the fact that Brady is banging helmets again and talking smack to Terrell Suggs.

Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass

Tommy "Sunshine" Brady


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4 responses to “Streams of Conciousness, vol. 1

  • Chris R.

    Wasn’t this year supposed to be the bridge year for the Sox? It’s going to be hard to talk the fans into two crappy seasons in a row.

    Had they made the playoffs this year, getting rid of Ortiz for ’11 or just having a mediocre season would be a little more palatable. I think you need to keep Ortiz around just to keep the fans and the pink hats interested. If there are fewer players that fair weather fans recognize, their interest will wane and ticket sales will continue to decline.

    On the other hand, if you can bring in someone like Pena to replace Ortiz and move Martinez to DH, I think you have to do it. Plus Pena is a local Northeastern guy, so that always helps. This off-season should be interesting.

  • Cards Fan

    Dream all you want East Coaster, but my Pujols & Molina are staying with the best baseball team in the world. Lever up!…the new motto of the Cardinals.

  • Papi Grande

    My biggest concern with picking up the option on Ortiz is that if Cliff Lee ends up in NY, which he no doubt will, then the Yanks have two top notch lefties at the top of their rotation, against which Ortiz is useless. You telling me that with 19 games against the Yanks next year and possibly more in the playoffs, Papi is going to sit 40% of those games? That seems like a poor way of spending $12.5M. Big picture though… it is not my money, so spend away Mr. Henry.

  • Page4

    i hate the fact they picked up Ortiz option primarily b/c it was a “business” decision and not a baseball decision…i.e. ownership jammed it down theo’s throat b/c it puts fans in the seats

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